What can Real Estate 1st Ringwood East do for you?

We at Real Estate 1st Ringwood East can provide advice on a number of issues pertaining to your potential or completed purchase, sale or investment property.


Market Appraisals - One of our expert Sales or Rental Department staff will visit your home. Whilst there they will conduct a thorough inspection of the property and it's features. They will also take into account the features and benefits associated with the surrounding area. This process will allow your agent to analyse how your property compares to those recently sold or leased in the area and those currently on offer to market. The price given to you will be in writing and this service is absolutely free and without obligation.


Matching buyers & tenants to your property - As many agents do in today's age of technology, Real Estate 1st keep an extensive and up to date database. These records include details of buyers who have registered their interest in a particular type of property, in a given area, and people that may have missed out previously at a recent sale. The same applies with tenants. Those that either walk into the shop, send through an email enquiry or have applied for properties previously, are also kept in touch with. This ensures that we are always a chance to have the right person on standby for any new property listing.


Property Management - Property Management is more than just collecting and disbursing rent - quite simply it is asset management. As an investor we understand that your key objective is to make money out of property, hence our role is twofold. We ensure that the capital value of your investment is reserved through careful monitoring of the condition and upkeep of your property as well as maximise the rental income it produces by conducting regular market reviews.  At Real Estate 1st Ringwood East, we will provide expertise with the utmost courtesy, attention to detail and commitment to you. From the initial listing and leasing right through to the ongoing management and care of your property.


Finance - The purchase of real estate and the borrowing of funds go hand in hand. Ringwood East Community Bank is the approved and recommended lending institution for Real Estate 1st Ringwood East. The Bendigo bank offers exceptional service, a wide range of funding options and put back into the local community for the benefit of all who live here. Visit them today to find out what they can do for you.

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